“It’s All Connected” Has a New Location

September 28, 2009 § Leave a comment

I no longer blog here. The sidebar on this site contains links to the most recent posts on my new website. If you would like to subscribe to my newsletter to receive regular updates, click here. Thanks to everyone who has been coming here to read what I have to say. I hope you will continue to do so over in the new space.

Know Thine Enemy: Fetal Personhood as Metaphorical Thinking

March 2, 2006 § Leave a comment

This post has been moved here.

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    • Towards a Feminist Politics of “Male Survivorship” April 21, 2017
      I came to see myself both as a survivor of childhood sexual violence and as a man committed to feminism after reading the essays of Adrienne Rich in the early 1980s, a time when, as far as I knew, no one was talking about the sexual abuse of boys. Rich’s polemic against men’s sexual violence […]
    • The Ethics of Bearing Witness in Poetry to Violence and Trauma April 14, 2017
      The issues raised when one chooses to make literary art out of trauma are complex and, as have issues surrounding trauma in general, they have been getting more and more attention. Over at the Ploughshares blog, for example, Tracy Strauss has a series well worth reading called Writing Trauma: Notes of Transcendence. On October 15th, at the Western Maryland [ […]
    • from The Body in Pain, by Elaine Scarry April 10, 2017
      ‘To witness the moment when pain causes a reversion to the pre-language of cries and groans is to witness the destruction of language; but conversely, to be present when a person moves up out of that pre-language and projects the facts of sentience into speech is almost to have been permitted to be present at […]
    • What I Tell My Creative Writing Students on The First Day of Class April 7, 2017
      “The first duty of the writer is the rectification of names—to name things properly, for, as Kung-fu Tze [Confucius] said, ‘All wisdom is rooted in learning to call things by the right name.” —Sam Hamill, “The Necessity to Speak” To name a thing correctly is to change the world in which that thing exists. There […]
    • “Stand By Me” in Persian and English April 5, 2017
      I was going through my old posts and I found this video from back in 2009, when demonstrations in response to Iran’s contested elections had the attention of the entire world. Given the Trump administration’s stance towards Iran, the video seems, sadly, relevant all over again.
    • from God’s Phallus, by Howard Eilberg-Schwartz April 3, 2017
      “If the deity is the father writ large, then this divine masculinity is by no means simply a confirmation of human masculinity. It is at the same time a fundamental threat and challenge to it… Indeed…in at least one respect men’s relationship with God is even more problematic than women’s, for on a heterosexual model […]
    • The Pleasure and Pain of Starting Over April 2, 2017
      One of the things I decided to do when I signed with Guernica Editions to publish my second full-length book of poetry was totally revamp my website, not just its look, but its organization and content as well. I’ve been blogging on WordPress since 2004, when my first book of translations was published, but my […]
    • Antisemitism Has Always Been a Part of My Life — 3 March 31, 2017
    • Antisemitism Has Always Been a Part of My Life — 2 March 24, 2017
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