“It’s All Connected” Has a New Location

September 28, 2009 § Leave a comment

I no longer blog here. The sidebar on this site contains links to the most recent posts on my new website. If you would like to subscribe to my newsletter to receive regular updates, click here. Thanks to everyone who has been coming here to read what I have to say. I hope you will continue to do so over in the new space.

Know Thine Enemy: Fetal Personhood as Metaphorical Thinking

March 2, 2006 § Leave a comment

This post has been moved here.

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    • From Guernica: “The Teaching Class,” by Rachel Riederer February 25, 2015
      This is a really interesting and thought-provoking essay that I think anyone concerned about the state of higher education should read. Riederer makes a complex argument. Here are some excerpts: The rise of adjunct labor in universities is also a student issue. Teachers’ working conditions are students’ learning conditions. And when …
    • The Politics of Being a Man Who Survived Childhood Sexual Violence 2 February 14, 2015
      (You can read Part 1 here.) I have been remiss in not telling you about a book in which two of my poems have been published, Voice Male: The Untold Story of the Profeminist Men’s Movement. Both poems are from my first book, The Silence of Men, and I am pleased that …
    • Reading Journal: Verses of Forgiveness, by Myriam Antaki — 1 February 11, 2015
      I started a new novel yesterday, Verses of Forgiveness, by Myriam Antaki and translated from the French by Marjolin de Jager. Antaki is a Syrian novelist who writes in French. Verses of Forgiveness, which is narrated in a lyrical, dream-like prose by Ahmed, a Palestinian suicide bomber preparing his attack, is her first book …
    • Reading Journal: Each Chartered Street, by Sebastian Agudelo February 6, 2015
      Sebastian Agudelo’s Each Chartered Street (Saturnalia 2013) is a portrait of a city, specifically Philadelphia. The poems chronicle, for example, Agudelo’s speaker’s daily commute, the dynamic of a block party, or the goings on at one particular street corner. His poetry meditates on the different kinds of knowledge required to survive …
    • Revising for Trans Inclusive Language February 4, 2015
      At some point in the past, on a comment thread over at Alas where we were discussing what I was then calling “routine infant male circumcision” in the United States, Grace (a trans woman who blogs there as well) pointed out to me that phrases like “the routine medical circumcision of infant …
    • The International Conference on Masculinities, March 5–8 February 1, 2015
      If you care about men’s issue and gender equality, and you’re the conference-going type, this is one you should check out. A collaborative effort between the Center for the Study of Men and Masculinities (headed by Michael Kimmel), the American Men’s Studies Association, the MenEngage Alliance, and the Man Up …
    • “You’re a Man. Why Are You Teaching Women’s Studies?” January 30, 2015
      For me, the most difficult part of refusing to be silent about the fact that I am a survivor of childhood sexual violence has been figuring out when and under what circumstances to reveal it to my students at the community college where I teach. Some of you reading this …
    • Reading The Veil and The Male Elite: A Feminist Interpretation of Women’s Rights in Islam, by Fatima Mernissi January 25, 2015
      On and off over the past year or so, I have gotten into some pretty heated discussions about Islam over at Alas, where my blog posts also appear. In August of 2014, I wrote a two-part post called “Trying to Be an Ally: Thinking About Hejab, Muslim Invisibility, and the …
    • The Politics of Being a Man Who Survived Childhood Sexual Violence January 17, 2015
      As I said in the blog post I wrote about the artist’s grant I received this year from the Queens Council on the Arts, I plan to use the blogging I do, as well as my newsletter (click to sign up), to share with you the process of preparing for …
    • Here’s to a New Beginning and a Renewed Purpose January 5, 2015
      As I have hinted at in some of the posts I’ve written over the past couple of years, my professional life has been difficult, not because of anything having to do with my job per se, but because the college where I teach has become, unsurprisingly, caught up in the national …

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