“It’s All Connected” Has a New Location

September 28, 2009 § Leave a comment

I no longer blog here. The sidebar on this site contains links to the most recent posts on my new website. If you would like to subscribe to my newsletter to receive regular updates, click here. Thanks to everyone who has been coming here to read what I have to say. I hope you will continue to do so over in the new space.

Know Thine Enemy: Fetal Personhood as Metaphorical Thinking

March 2, 2006 § Leave a comment

This post has been moved here.

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    • A Video of the First US Launch Reading for Veils, Halos & Shackles April 24, 2016
      Note: the poems in this video deal with sexual violence. This reading, which took place at the Long Island Writers House on April 17th, was truly powerful. It was a privilege to be the first reader among such fine poets. I hope you’ll take a look at the video and, if you haven’t already, consider buying a copy of Veils, Halos & Shackles for yourself or s […]
    • from Land to Light On, by Dionne Brand April 16, 2016
      IV viii in Chechnya, a Russian plane has dropped a bomb on a village the radio says, I just heard, ten billion to Yeltsin from the IMF, just today, just like any South American darling devoted sonofabitch, I know this is no news, nor walls of photographs of children in Bukavu, tents of refugees in Goma, it’s their own fault, before it was communism now they […]
    • Kaleidoscope Fingers on XTrap: This is a very cool video April 16, 2016
    • I’m Kvelling: My Son’s Band, Starbat, Has Released It’s First Single April 12, 2016
      Check it out and, if you like the song—which I do, a lot, and not just because I played the small synth part at the end—I hope you’ll consider buying it. It’s a pay-what-you-want arrangement.  
    • For My Son, A Kind of Prayer is Out! And Other Publication Announcements April 10, 2016
      April 2016 has definitly not been cruel to me. I have three publication announcements I’d like to share with you. Announcement One: For My Son, A Kind of Prayer I am very happy to announce that my new chapbook For My Son, A Kind of Prayer is now out from Ghostbird Press. (They’re updating their website, so my book does not yet have its own page; but if you s […]
    • It’s a Frightening Thing That Someone in the 21st Century Would Seriously Make the Argument that Jeffrey Lord Makes in This Video March 3, 2016
      I did not see the full exchange, and I hope Lord did not get the last word, as he does in this video excerpt, which I found in a piece in The New York Times by James Poniewozik. It’s worth reading the whole thing. Here are two excerpts: This is 2016. And here was a white panelist suggesting that his African-American peer should really go back and learn his h […]
    • One Reason It’s Important to Pay Attention to the Elections in Iran February 29, 2016
      This is important to pay attention to not because it means women are suddenly free of discrimination and oppression in Iran, but because it demonstrates that Iranian women are not the helpless, powerless victims they are often portrayed as in Western media. It demonstrates that there is a women’s movement in Iran that is alive and well, that there is a civic […]
    • Publication News: Two Days Left to Preorder Veils, Halos & Shackles February 25, 2016
      I am normally more on top of these things, but somehow the email letting me know about the special pre-order discount ($14.95, which is $10 off the cover price) on Veils, Halos & Shackles: International Poetry on the Oppression and Empowerment of Women, got buried in my inbox, so I didn’t post this notice as early as I should have. The book, in which a p […]
    • What I’m Reading: Spinster, by Sylvia Ashton-Warner December 15, 2015
      I’ve been slowly making my way through Spinster, a novel by Sylvia Ashton-Warner. The book, which was first published in 1959, is a fascinating story about a white teacher of Maori children in New Zealand. The books is really interesting on a number of levels, including its exploration of sexual and racial politics, but what I’ve been most closely paying att […]
    • Spotlight Is an Important Movie. If You’re a Survivor of Sexual Violence, You Might Not Want to See It Alone December 12, 2015
      Last night, my wife and I went to see Spotlight, the new movie starring Michael Keaton that tells the story of his character, Walter V. Robinson, and team of journalists he led at The Boston Globe in that paper’s coverage of the sexual abuse scandal in the Roman Catholic Church. It is a very powerful movie, and a good deal of its power, I think, comes from t […]

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