“It’s All Connected” Has a New Location

September 28, 2009 § Leave a comment

It’s All Connected is now “The Poetry in the Politics, The Politics in the Poetry” on my personal website. The sidebar contains links to my most recent posts. Thanks to everyone who has been coming here to read what I have to say. I hope you will continue to do so over in the new space.

Know Thine Enemy: Fetal Personhood as Metaphorical Thinking

March 2, 2006 § Leave a comment

This post has been moved here.

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    • In Them Alone My Spirit Will Endure July 18, 2014
      Towards the end of his preface to Golestan, Sa’di—that’s a picture of me at his tomb in Shiraz–says: Long after we have crumbled into dust, and the grains of who we were are far-flung atoms, these words, well chosen and arranged, will live, …
    • Say Nothing If You Cannot Say It Well July 11, 2014
      I think this week’s Sa’di Says speaks for itself: A seasoned speaker knows his craft demands careful thought or his words will go to waste. Follow his example. Say nothing if you cannot say it well; make silence the voice …
    • The Calligraphic Art of Azra Aghighi Bakhshayeshi — The Tehran Times July 5, 2014
      The Tehran Times has a beautiful gallery up of calligraphic art, which I know next to nothing about, except that I think it’s beautiful. Here is another one. You should check out the rest for yourself.
    • Not Much Time Remains July 4, 2014
      I am posting this week’s Sa’di Says, “Not Much Time Remains,” in memory of my friend Adam Schonbrun, who died in February: I know life leaves me with each breath I take, and these last fifty years I’ve been asleep. …
    • My Companion’s Scent Seeped Into Me June 27, 2014
      This week’s “Sa’di Says” is a brief poem from one of the introductory sections of Golestan: I held in my bath a perfumed piece of clay that came to me from a beloved’s hand. I asked it, “Are you musk …
    • It’s Nice to Know Someone’s Doing Higher Education Right June 24, 2014
      Rebecca Schuman has a piece up on Slate, “Doing Higher Ed Right,” in which she writes about Iowa State University, which is “the only—only—institution of higher learning in the entire country to spend the last eight years hiring full-time faculty …
    • Writing a Poem is a Confrontation with the Unknowable June 20, 2014
      It’s been a long time since I believed in a god like the biblical one I learned as a child that I was supposed to love and fear, respect and obey. I’ve written a little bit about why I stopped believing, and I’ve written out …
    • I Have a Tumblr… June 14, 2014
      It’s called Sa’di Says and I will posting to it excerpts from my translations of Sa’di, the 13th century Persian poet, which were originally published by Global Scholarly Publications in two separate volumes, Selections from Saadi’s Gulistan andSelections from Saadi’s Bustan. Both books have been out …
    • Çiğdem Y. Mirol’s “MyFace Book” is Out in English April 21, 2014
      Last summer, I had the pleasure of having Çiğdem Y. Mirol as a guest speaker in my Introduction to Creative Writing Class. She spoke about her work, MyFace Book, which she calls a “bookperformance”—all one word. My students found Çiğdem’s talk quite interesting, most especially the …
    • You Asked Me What My Poems Are About March 26, 2014

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